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Twinning with the amazing bridgettheunicorn at our third annual SDCC Fashion Walk! We had so much fun leading the event together.

"Unlock the Pandora’s Memories" JSK Alice and the Pirates
Frill Frill Blouse BABY
Bow Hair Combs Alice and the Pirates
Ribbon Boston Bag Alice and the Pirates
Wristcuffs Angelic Pretty
Socks BABY
Parasol BABY
Beret offbrand
Jewelry handmade and offbrand
Shoes Bodyline

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Anonymous asked: Why is your venus so fat? :P

Because I judge cosplayers based on their craftsmanship and ability to carry themselves, not their weight. Her wigs are so fucking awesome you don’t even know. 

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We had a last minute meetup tonight just to hang out, so I had to put something together quickly! I’m really pleased with how the outfit turned out, especially since red x black is a difficult color scheme to work with in Lolita.

Acanthus Skirt Innocent World
Velveteen Bustier Metamorphose
Bordeaux Chiffon Blouse Infanta
Vampire Prelude Bonnet Alice and the Pirates
Black x Red Diamond Tights Alice and the Pirates
Rose Hair Clips Surface Spell
Bat Two-Way Clip Chasing the Frill 
Jewelry vintage
Shoes Bodyline

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libbypeaches asked: If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? I'm using you (and your lovely co-ordinates) as a guide to see how things would fit on me!

I don’t mind at all! I am 5’ 9”/175cm.

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Hey everyone! So the voting for the ACP Kill la Kill contest went up today, and it is for today ONLY. It would mean everything if I could be a finalist, so if you could vote for me under Tamao there, I would really appreciate it! Afterwards, if you could reblog and signal boost me that would be fantastic. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me and my work so far!!! 

Link again here:

Also, you get 10 votes so please vote for the other lovely contestants as well! I’m going to plug konekoanni's beautiful Satsuki and Sumptus' Nui!

Only one day to vote, please show me and curehunny some support!

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wear-what-makes-you-happy asked: For the lolita asks: 15, 18, and 50!

15: Do you currently have a Dream Dress?
Yes! Elizabeth Bride of Death JSK II in black or red. Second to that is Black Cat, Witch, and Apple Tree JSK I in black or red. Both are from Alice and the Pirates, and very difficult to find.

18: How many days a week do you wear Lolita?
Typically once a week (on weekends), unless I have something special going on like a convention.

50: Do you think you will wear Lolita into old age?
I can see myself switching to something more like Aristocrat or Steampunk as I get older, but for now, I can easily see myself wearing it well into my 30s!


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okemaya asked: Ooh lolita questions! 6, 10, and 28!

6: How many petticoats do you own?
Four! Two chiffon, one organza (handmade), and one tulle.

10: What brand and series is your most comfortable JSK/OP from?
Most comfortable would probably have to be my Rapunzel Cutsew OP from Alice and the Pirates, but a cutsew is kind of cheating. Second would have to be my Victorian Letters JSK from AatP.

28: What is the last item you bought from a sales comm?
Oh wow, it’s been a while. My Masquerade Theater bonnet on LaceMarket!

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50 questions, 50 ways to get to know me ~ Lolita Version (Please ask me something!)

How did you first get into Lolita?
Do you have a favorite Lolita style?
What if I told you that you are my Lolita inspiration?
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and The Pirates?
Do have any Lolita meets you plan on attending soon?
How many petticoats do you own?
First lucky pack, lucky or unlucky?
What color were your first pair of tea parties?
Did you wear Lolita today?
What brand and series is your most comfortable JSK/OP from?
Could you go for the rest of your life without wearing Lolita?
Do you prefer Wigs, Hair Extensions or your Natural Hair?
OTKs or Knee Highs?
Do you still own your first Lolita piece?
Do you currently have a Dream Dress?
Have you ever gotten a dream dress only to be disappointed in it?
To what extent has Lolita entered your lifestyle?
How many days a week do you wear Lolita?
Did your last kiss take place while wearing Lolita?
Do you have a favorite print series?
Where is your favorite place to buy off-brand items?
Bonnets or Headbows?
Have you ever been to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in Paris?
From which brand do you own the most items?
How does your family react to Lolita?
Kuro or Shiro?
Look in your closet. Name the first Lolita item you see. Would you ever part with it?
What is the last item you bought from a sales comm?
Do you own anything from an indie brand?
Do you create anything related to Lolita?
Has Lolita helped or hindered your love life?
Falsies or just mascara?
Do you have a color preference when it comes to Lolita?
How do you cope with negative views about Lolita?
Do you have a favorite brand?
Do you enjoy or are you annoyed with the attention that Lolita brings from onlookers?
Cotton blouses or cutsew?
Lolita really is a beautiful thing, huh?
Is there a time were you absolutely won't wear Lolita?
What is on your wrists right now?
Have you ever worn Lolita in Japan?
OPs or JSKs?
Have you ever regretted buying Lolita?
What's the silliest thing you've done in Lolita?
Gothic or Bittersweet?
Does Lolita make you genuinely happy?
OTT or Simple?
Have you ever had a bad experience because you wear Lolita?
Have you ever submitted a secret?
Do you think you will wear Lolita into old age?

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